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Launchy is an Australian company that provides process automation services, system consulting, coaching and training to help their clients maximise their organisation's potential.

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December 17, 2021

Why you should choose white-label PPC services for your agency

Here are a few reasons why you may want to white-label your PPC services.

Provides a cost-effective solution

As a marketing agency, you look for ways to optimise the services you offer, while increasing your profit margins. By white labelling your PPC services, you’ll gain an expert team that will manage the complexities of PPC services for you while you focus your attention on your agency's core competencies. This will allow you to reduce costs and have better control over your agency’s finances.

Let’s you stay in line with customer needs

Your customer’s needs constantly change and will always come first, so by partnering with white-label PPC providers, you can access a vast amount of experience and knowledge that can help expand your business’s offerings. This allows your agency to meet the diverse needs of your clients, increase your margins and maintain strong customer relationships that will keep clients coming back for more.

eCommerce SEO

Gives a new perspective on campaigns

By white-labelling your PPC services, you can bring seasoned expertise into your agency, allowing you to get fresh new perspectives on how to drive the success of your client campaigns. These experienced professionals will bring a wealth of insights, innovation and knowledge which will help you stay up to date with the latest trends and create effective marketing campaigns for your clients.

Improves your agency’s brand and reputation

Thanks to the scalability that white-labelling PPC services give your agency, you can take on more customers without compromising on quality. With the knowledge and experience that a professional white-label PPC team brings in, your agency can deliver exceptional results and build long-lasting relationships with your clients, which will in turn help to improve your agency’s brand and reputation.


Web design

We design your website to sell your services before your customers even contact you.

We ensure that your online platform gives customers a great first impression of your professionalism and quality

We showcase your skills and services in a user-friendly way to make it easier for your customers to enlist your services

We help your website stand out from the crowd and give you an edge over your local competitors



We help you get ahead of your competitors in search engine rankings with our expert SEO strategies.

We apply SEO best practices to boost your website’s visibility and ranking in organic search results

We use keyword research to find out what customers are searching for and help you get more traffic without always relying on ads

We optimise your website with local SEO to help you attract more customers in your locality

Pay-Per-Click ads

We help you get in front of people searching for the services you offer with effective PPC campaigns.

We run your paid ad campaigns to ensure that you’re getting better online visibility and more leads

We target customers in specific locations to make sure that your services are promoted in your locality

We use precision targeting to ensure that your ads are seen by the right people when they search for similar services

Social media management

We keep your customers updated on your projects and services so you can generate more inquiries.

We manage your social media accounts by engaging your audience through high-quality content

We build awareness and create buzz around your brand by promoting your services to your core market

We use tried and tested methods to help build your social media presence and following to generate high-quality leads

What can a white-label PPC service provider offer you?

A white-label PPC provider will usually offer the following services

Defining PPC strategies

They do extensive research for you, on your customer’s brand, target demographics and keywords to create the perfect PPC strategy.

Tracking and optimising

They will track your client’s PPC campaigns and optimise them for you, wherever necessary to increase success rates and results.

PPC campaign management

They will handle all the monitoring of your client’s PPC campaigns on your behalf while keeping you updated with the latest trends.

White-label reporting

They present you with highly detailed reports for each client that are jargon-free so that you can add your branding to them.