Braze is an incredibly powerful customer relationship management tool that allows brands to design personalised and automated marketing campaigns that can drive customer engagement. 

However, with so much power in this system, it’s easy for brands to get lost in all the features. 

It then becomes a question of how you can use this platform to deliver the best possible outcome for your company. 

In terms of customer engagement, there are quite a few best practices to follow to make the most of this platform and use it to its full potential. 

Targeting your anonymous users

Anonymous users represent a large segment of untapped market potential, where up to 80% of anonymous users receive no marketing outreach. 

These are the users who visit your app or website and engage without identifying themselves. They have the potential to become valuable and engaged customers, but most of them simply aren’t getting the marketing attention they need. 

But how are you supposed to start engaging with anonymous users if you don’t know who they are? Well, this is where Braze comes in, as it’s possible to keep track of your potential customers, even if they are anonymous users. 

Braze can allow brands to collect and act on real-time customer data, which includes information associated with anonymous users, automatically collecting key information about anonymous users. 

It can even standardise attributes for anonymous users, which means that brands can create custom events and attributes that can be tracked on an app or website, as long as it has been defined by your team. 

However, just utilising these features is useless if you do not know when it makes sense to capture information about your anonymous users. 

Having a clear idea of why you want certain pieces of information and what you plan to do with them is the best way to start targeting anonymous users. 

Some of the possible strategies that you can implement with anonymous user data can include:

  • Encouraging users to create an account or add in their user details with personalised messages.
  • Figuring out which messaging channels are optimal in reaching an anonymous user while minimising outreach that they find disruptive.
  • Identify what the anonymous user is signalling interest in on your sites such as certain pages or products that can support better promotional campaigns.

Activating your anonymous users and converting them into known users is also an equally powerful strategy, with lots of different methods of conversion.

You can prompt them to take part in a survey, incentivise them with a special offer, encourage them to hear from your brand by contacting them on their preferred channel and finally, spell out exactly how your brand can benefit them, encouraging them to create an account.

No matter how you go about targeting this audience segment, you must have a clear idea of what you want and how you plan to achieve this, with a number of Braze tools that can help you plan and action these steps. 

Visualising your data

With an increasing number of customer interactions happening online, we have more and more data about customer preferences and behaviours towards marketing campaigns than ever before. 

However, simply being privy to this information isn’t as effective as what the data means or even allowing you to take effective action based on these insights.

Effective data visualisation can paint a picture of their customer engagement efforts and where they are or aren’t paying off. 

Braze offers a range of features that can spotlight everything from user retention trends to email engagement. 

  • Braze segmentation insights

Using Braze segmentation insights you will be able to understand your customers and how they differ from each other. 

Comparing things like app usage, purchasing patterns and other high-level engagement data is key to providing relevant experiences that consumers need to engage. 

If there was weaker engagement in a particular segment, you would instantly be able to see this, compare it with other segments and work on a method of improving this. 

Capitalising on these opportunities and taking effective action is how your brand can continuously foster the desired levels of customer engagement. 

  • Braze Canvas visualisations

Every user has a journey that they follow with your brand, and to ensure the best possible outcome, you need to understand exactly what this journey looks like. 

This is where Braze’s Canvas comes into play, as this customer journey management tool has built-in visualisation capabilities that can give your brand a better understanding of the impact user flows create. 

With each flow, you can track every outcome with things like total messages sent, conversion rates and total audience estimates. These metrics can be a simple but powerful way to ensure that you are on top of your customer journey planning and implementation.

Identifying these flows and their outcomes, as well as individual subsections, can help you to optimise each stage of the process, which can ensure a stronger outcome. 

Braze—know how you can use it

One of the best ways to ensure that you are using the Braze platform to its fullest potential is to understand all the capabilities of the tool and how it can help you in achieving what you need. 

With anonymous users being one of the most untapped marketing segments, and the host of data now available about your customers, Braze proves to be one of the best tools for building customer engagement.