For marketers and advertisers who grew up without the internet, Facebook has proved to be a revolutionary platform, the likes of which have never existed before. 

Before Facebook evolved from a platform purely for keeping in touch with friends and making new connections, there was no way for people like me to reach out to a highly targeted and specific audience to promote what I had in my arsenal. 

If you are from the marketing sphere, you’re probably aware of the broad scope of Facebook’s platform and the unique opportunities it offers. 

The new and improved Pages experience builds on these features while optimising them for a simpler and more streamlined process. Let’s take a look at what this means for your business.

The new layout makes connecting with your audience easier

The new and improved Facebook Pages experience has a far superior layout that feels intuitive and is easily navigable. To me, it feels modern and is unquestionably pleasing to the eye. 

The new experience makes it easier for your audiences to view your bio, posts and other information at a quick glance without having to dive deep into the underbelly of your page. 

This is especially useful given the notoriously low attention span we know our audiences to possess; give them what they want quickly, and you’re more likely to gain a new follower.

Managing your Facebook presence is a walk in the park

With the latest Pages revamp, managing your page is a smoother, more streamlined effort.

You can now assign different people or teams varying levels of access to your page to perform and manage specific tasks like launch ads, post content, and engage in community activity and messaging. 

This also includes the exclusion of classic roles such as editor and moderator from page management. These can now be delegated via task access. 

Anyone with admin access will retain access to the page after the transition and be able to: 

  • Respond to direct messages 
  • Grant permissions to access your new page
  • Create, manage or delete content and ads
  • Use insights from the page, ads and posts to analyse your page’s performance 

The ability to reply directly from your business inbox as the page is another great and handy new feature for marketers looking to streamline how they manage their Facebook page.

In effect, these features decentralise social media marketing and follow a model we’re seeing across the industry; professionals with different specialities and functions taking over various aspects of managing your online presence. 

Give your followers the attention they deserve

Another major change anyone who has used Facebook for even a little time will notice is the recent shift in focus from likes to followers.

Considering how many other popular social media platforms function, this is a long-overdue step for Facebook in terms of simplifying how people interact with their interests while helping businesses identify their core audience. 

The one catch is that while people who have both liked and followed your page will still follow your page, likes from people who have only liked your page will not be transferred over to the new Pages experience. 

Make sure your followers are aware of this and ask them to take a minute to follow your new page!

The new Facebook tabs are opportunities waiting to be had 

I’d be not doing a good job as a marketer if I don’t underline just how useful the new Facebook tabs are too. 

Even though the platform no longer allows you to create custom tabs (unless you have more than 2,000 followers), it has introduced new types of tabs that add a layer of precision to your social media marketing strategies. 

Events, Facebook Shops and Offers are all geared towards allowing you to reach out to your audience with information that’s useful and relevant to them. 

Regular events are a great way to shape your brand image and keep people engaged and up to date about what’s happening—it’s also a great way to build connections with your audience.

Facebook Shops is a great tool if you are an e-commerce business because it allows you to take your business and products to your customers in a place they likely spend a lot of time. Even if you’re not, it’s a great way to create brand awareness and nurture your audience through collateral like eBooks and tutorials.

This kind of functionality is enhanced by the new Offers tab, which allows your followers to subscribe to notifications for upcoming promotions or deals you may be running. 

Facebook is a business force to be reckoned with—if you know how to make use of it 

Once you make the move to the new Pages experience, your previous posts, photos, videos, stories and groups for which you have admin control will be transferred to the new page automatically. 

Facebook is unrivalled in its reach across all demographics but especially those with purchasing power. 

As a marketing platform, Facebook has made starting a business, building a client base, engaging your audience and selling to them easier than ever. 

Explore the latest features unveiled by the new Pages experience to drive new-age marketing success in the age of social media. The changes to its layout and functions are a real game-changer if you use it the right way; the key is in nailing your social media management strategy.