With the digital revolution well and truly in full swing, businesses of all sizes around the world have shifted to doing business online. 

Today, providing a meaningful customer experience in the digital realm has gone from being an advantage to an absolute necessity—especially for businesses looking to grow. 

While there are plenty of ways to deliver this, a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like HubSpot can provide significant advantages in terms of efficiency.

HubSpot already has a well-known CRM tool with an easy to use platform and powerful marketing capabilities. 

But, where they really excel is helping businesses centralise their marketing strategies by providing all the tools to action these strategies. 

They also help deliver meaningful customer experiences with ease to help businesses scale their operation

Why is centralisation key to scaling?

Many small and medium businesses that have managed to survive through the pandemic are now looking for opportunities to grow. 

With the pandemic, many businesses were struggling to make ends meet, ending up with very disparate systems to manage their marketing. 

While they may have clear goals and milestones in mind for how they would like to scale their business, their operations may fail to meet these goals due to fragmented marketing, sales and customer service processes. 

The key to helping businesses achieve their goals is to bring these pieces together to provide better visibility across their operations so they can formulate a cohesive strategy. 

HubSpot provides the tools for businesses of all sizes to centralise their operations, providing everything from CRM, sales pipeline tracking, marketing automation, email marketing, forms, CMS, and managing customer support. 

Utilising the power of automation

While having a centralised system is a huge advantage in terms of visibility and opportunities for growth, automation is another important factor in a business’ journey to scale effectively.

HubSpot provides automation tools that can guarantee that your resources are spent on refining and optimising your overall strategy, rather than dealing with the nitty-gritty details of that strategy. 

With HubSpot, most recurring and non-value added tasks are handled on your behalf, leaving you with more time on your hands to focus on the bigger picture. 

Marketing automation can also help build a customer journey—starting from lead generation down to customer retention and engagement—building a system that can target various customer segments at various points of contact during their journey with your business. 

What would usually take a lot of time and energy to do with just a single customer segment or single lead can now be automated while still remaining personalised. 

With customers constantly being targeted by advertisers with generalised messages, those who are more in tune with their customers and their journey are the ones who will be more successful at conversion and retention. 

By helping you to understand your audience, map out your customer journey, and review your marketing strategy, you will be able to have a business that is fully in tune with your customers; able to adapt and change as your customers do. 

How you can scale your business through HubSpot

There are a number of benefits you stand to gain from using the various tools available on the HubSpot platform.

  • Effective collaboration

Handled was a home services concierge that was able to scale from 0 to 121 locations using HubSpot. 

The key to this rapid and sustainable growth was having a single system for sales, marketing and customer service. 

Using HubSpot, every team member had visibility into leads and customers, empowering them to deliver a high-quality service, work cross-functionally to answer questions and resolve problems. 

Bringing all these key business functions together under one roof allows you to clearly identify how to achieve your overall business goals so that your entire organisation collaborates effectively. 

  • Delivering a consistent narrative

Airstream, a recreational vehicle manufacturer, was looking for a simple way to generate more leads at scale. 

With HubSpot, their marketing agency was able to create a consistent narrative across their buyer journey. 

From the moment a lead interacted with the company, Airstream was able to use HubSpot to integrate dynamic follow-up emails, directly connecting with the consumer.

This continued into a post-conversion experience that had messaging consistent with the nurturing and conversion process. 

With a seamless customer experience devised with input from all these various departments, it’s much easier to optimise and drive growth. 

  • Better adaptability

Cancer IQ is a platform that helps physicians identify patients at high risk for cancer and guide them to life-saving services. 

With the company’s sales and marketing processes on different platforms, it took a significant amount of time to implement new workflows every time they needed to adopt a new strategy.

Embracing HubSpot as an all-in-one solution to manage both sales and marketing allowed CancerIQ to adapt rapidly to changes in the market. 

They were able to set up new workflows, sequences and reports without any additional costs or expending more time and effort.

HubSpot helped streamline tasks and easily review and analyse activity. If something wasn’t working, they were able to easily identify and adjust it. 

  • Faster processes

Corinium Global Intelligence is a specialist market intelligence, advisory, and events company. 

Working with over 6,000 companies all over the world, they were using a number of different systems to deal with their sales and marketing. 

With HubSpot’s variety of automation tools at their disposal, they were able to improve agility, automate invoicing and various email flows while capturing data for their sales team to immediately work on. 

For a company with so many moving parts, HubSpot was able to make its processes much more efficient and straightforward. 

Give your business the growth it needs

With HubSpot, building your brand has never been easier. 

You can get your marketing up to a level where it’s running efficiently and seamlessly while allowing you to develop strategies that can be tested and adapted to deliver the best possible results. 

When used effectively, HubSpot has the power to rapidly scale your business, allowing you find your customers and give them exactly what they are looking for.