In the digital era, social media platforms are a powerful tool to build a loyal customer base and one of the social media tools that has gained a lot of steam recently is Instagram Broadcast Channels.

It is one of the latest developments on Instagram. As of January 2023, two billion registered active Instagram users were sharing Insta-worthy snaps and giving insight into their daily happenings through Instagram stories.

With Instagram Broadcast Channels experiencing a surge in popularity, this is a great opportunity for small business owners to use them to build brand awareness and a loyal community fanbase.

If you are unfamiliar with what Instagram Broadcast Channels are, read on to find out everything you need to know about them and how you can use them to build strong connections with your audience.

What are Instagram Broadcast Channels? 

They are a public, one-to-many messaging platform that creators can use to directly engage with their audience at scale. In simple words, it is a feature that will allow you to message many Instagram users simultaneously. Think of them like a WhatsApp group, only these messages will be sent via Instagram.

Instagram Broadcast Channels offer you multiple messaging features, which let you reach out to your communities with content through various formats.

As it is still a new feature, brands and businesses, whether small, medium-sized or big can expect exciting new updates to make content sharing via them much more exciting and engaging.

One of the new features that has been confirmed for the Instagram broadcast channel is ‘Collaborators’. This exclusive feature will allow small business owners to invite industry experts, influencers, or fans to share the latest industry insights or have a casual conversation on current trends, events, or any relevant topic.

It helps small businesses to attract more followers with engaging and informative content. The crossover appearance also helps to establish the authority presence of small businesses, allowing them to build a larger community base.

Here are three ways small businesses can leverage Instagram Broadcast Channels to build their communities. 

  • Businesses can scale their content in various formats 

Followers and customers love the feeling of being able to share their opinions and be heard. With Instagram Broadcast Channels, businesses can engage their customers and fans more wholeheartedly beyond text messages and image sharing. 

Businesses can scale their content in various formats, from polls to voice notes, to suit their audience’s preferences. Polls give data-driven insights that can help decision-makers improve their content creation, and voice notes give a warm welcome to new members of their channel.

This is an effective way to build a larger community of loyal and engaged customers or fans.

  • Not having to compete in the algorithm 

The best part of Instagram Broadcast Channels is that you do not have to compete with other Instagram content creators or businesses in the algorithm; you can reach out to your followers/audience directly.

When new members join your channel, they will receive notifications every time you upload a post, which helps you ensure that your followers never miss out on any content, updates, and news from you.

  • More personalised engagement 

Customers and fans like to feel appreciated. This platform provides an avenue for small businesses to communicate with their audiences in a meaningful and personalised way.

Small businesses can host Q&A sessions where they can answer burning questions and give closure to their customers. They can also share big company announcements and engage with their audiences directly, giving a more intimate and personalised experience.

Build a loyal and invested community with Instagram Broadcast Channels 

When utilised effectively, there are various benefits that Instagram Broadcast Channels offer to small businesses, especially when it comes to building their brand awareness and building an active customer community.

Through its multitudes of simple and engaging tools, small businesses can craft compelling content at scale to create a greater connection with their customer and fanbase.
If you are a business owner looking to boost your social media marketing efforts and build a larger loyal customer base, this is an effective platform that you can use to help you increase your ROI while also building a deeper connection with your community.