Among the many marketing tools marketers eagerly lay claim to, Inspectlet is a source of advanced functionality and useful insights when it comes to audience behaviour.

One of the most useful things you can do with its Javascript code – and its primary purpose – is to monitor your site’s visitors in real-time, after which it’s fed back to servers, where it’s compiled and presented to you. This data is usually the beginning of a very fruitful marketing campaign or strategy, helping you create content that targets your actual audience, as opposed to who you think your audience is.

Beyond just simple demographics, Inspectlet is profound because of the manner in which data is captured. Here, data sources span keystrokes, mouse movements, scrolling, and clicking, among other audience behaviours. It also allows you to analyse website activity across various devices, giving you insights into how each device affects customer behaviour.

In today’s post, I dive into how you can use this tool to better understand your visitors – every marketer’s ultimate objective.

Use click-mapping to understand website activity

For marketers, one of the best ways to understand what leads and customers are thinking is through click-mapping. As may be evident, this allows you to take a look at all the places on your site that your audience is clicking on, whether there are links or not.

In this manner, it differs from link tracking, which tracks what links are being clicked but it’s just as useful. It demonstrates, for instance, places on your website where you may need to add links. It also gives you an idea of which pages are getting more action and traffic.

Moreover, click-mapping allows you to take a look at how far down a page your audience scrolls. This is undoubtedly a useful indicator of how effective and interesting your content is. It also tells you what types of content your visitors are engaging with the most and is, therefore, a useful way to devise new strategies.

Leverage session-recording to understand customer behaviour

Session-recording is another impressive functionality you can leverage with Inspectlet. With this feature, you can actually view what each user does on your pages, from keystrokes to mouse movements.

Beyond the power of segmenting all this raw data and viewing it according to specific customer profiles (origin country, time spent on the website, and other filters), you gain an astonishing amount of data on large groups within your audience.

You also understand how people are using and navigating your site, which is particularly useful in terms of optimising site design. Additionally, this feature allows you to take a look at the user errors that may be occurring as well as behavioural funnels on your website.

With screen-recording, you can see exactly at which point each visitor leaves, giving you a good idea of where you need to improve your content.

Use Inspectlet’s form analytics to understand lead behaviour

With form analytics, you have the ability to understand how visitors are engaging with the forms on your site. While this information may seem useless – after all, what does it matter if forms are being filled? – it can prove its weight in gold if you find that visitors are dropping out the minute they seem a form.

This data may also help you to understand what kind of information potential leads are unwilling to provide or even if your form is too long. Even when forms are successfully submitted, the fields your leads leave blank can also be insightful in more ways than one.

This kind of functionality also allows you to tell how responsive your forms are on different browsers and devices.

Install Inspectlet to gain comprehensive insights into your visitors

At a time where data-driven marketing is the only way to achieve certain goals and objectives, Inspectlet gives you access to insights that are complete game changers.

With a good understanding of how your audience interacts with your website and what spurs them to greater action – and what prevents them from doing so – you have all the data you need to give leads and customers what they want to see.

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