A force compelling marketers to adapt to a technological and data-driven future, AI marketing has begun infiltrating the industry, allowing us to embrace futuristic (and downright cool) strategies and tools. 

In particular, we’re going to see a surge of AI in the form of predictive strategies and previously inaccessible consumer insights. This will not be an overnight process, though. A degree of human effort is crucial for effective machine learning at the outset. What I’m trying to say here is that AI is not a panacea to your marketing problems – just an incredibly advanced assistive tool. 

In this post, I dive into emerging AI marketing and machine learning strategies that are emerging at light-speed. 

Personalised customer experiences

We all know that in 2019, personalisation is the name of the game. Sure, it isn’t anything new, but it’s only now that we’re beginning to take it so seriously.

Fortunately, we’re about to receive a major upgrade in how we personalise certain aspects of our business to customers. Together, big data, machine learning, and AI will track, record, and analyse every consumer or prospect interaction with your products, regardless of whether this through a website, email or even social interaction. 

Collecting this data in real-time, machine learning algorithms will personalise customer experiences, entirely transforming the way we understand and interact with our customers, online.

Major companies like Amazon, have already harnessed machine learning to generate personalised product recommendations for clients, which now accounts for around 35% of its revenue. 

As exciting as this sounds, though, it’s imperative that you have planned strategies in place to make the most of this kind of technology. In the absence of any kind of direction or vision, these innovations are just cool toys that cost a lot of money.

Creating new avenues of revenue

Another way AI marketing is going to whip the industry into a frenzy is through its potential to generate new areas of revenue. 

Amazon, again, has proved to be a great example. Through their cloud computing service, Amazon Web Services, they allow other companies to benefit from AI, using data insights to tailor their offerings to consumer demands and needs. Through this, the e-commerce giant generates additional streams of revenue almost effortlessly.

This, too, requires careful planning and consideration. You need to understand your business and see which areas can be primed for greater revenue through the almost-magic of AI marketing strategies.

Create content that engages your audience

AI and machine learning are also incredibly useful for content marketing. Beyond machine learning functionality like A/B testing – something I’m really attached to – AI will also automate certain types of content generation that leaves you free to do the more important stuff.

To illustrate my point, imagine an incredibly efficient content assistant who replies to all the messages and comments on your business’ social media channels, responds to inquiries over email, and even generate entire reports.

This assistant is AI.

Through their sophisticated language and interaction skills, you can leave the bulk of relationship-building to AI marketing tools and software. Did you know that Google analysts even believe that by 2020, robots will be smart enough to mimic complex human behaviour like making jokes and flirting?

Understand your target market on a whole new level

No marketer talks about AI without talking about its ability to teach us everything we need to know about our audiences. Even then, I feel like we fail to grasp just how revolutionary this is going to be.

AI marketing concepts will take many forms and have different applications. The one I’m most stoked to see, however, is how we’re going to use social listening to really pick at customers’ brains. 

Social listening is where AI and machine learning listen in on consumer social channels to make note of the phrases and keywords they use as well as the brands they discuss. This will allow you to really understand what your customers want or what they’re most interested in, giving you insights about which products or services most relevant to them.

Leverage the latest AI marketing tools and strategies to transform your business

It’s no secret that AI has the power to transform the way we live and the way we do business. By staying ahead of the trends and making the most of available technology, take your business to the zenith.

In the process, don’t forget to plan your marketing strategies well and above all, think big.