A topic riddled with words and phrases of profound importance, my motivation to discuss SAS marketing automation that leverages big data is, by no means, random.

For anyone new to this area, SAS refers to an integrated system of software that allows businesses to leverage numerous functions including data entry, report writing, and, perhaps, more importantly, statistical and mathematical analysis, business forecasting, and decision-making support.

At a time when automation is driving marketing services, SAS is becoming relevant owing to its superior analytical and reporting skills. Using these systems, alongside SAS service providers and partners like Selerity, uncovering big data and introducing it in tandem with marketing automation can drive direct changes to how you approach service delivery.

According to McKinsey, companies that place data at the heart of marketing and sales decisions improve their MROI by 15%-20%. In today’s post, I uncover something every marketer is, even unconsciously, interested to know – how to leverage big data using SAS marketing automation.

Using SAS-generated data to create insight-based customer profiles

For every company using SAS to manage its operations, data is usually collected from various points within the organisation. As a part of this process, drawing out customer information – especially through various touch-points – can help businesses create a holistic summary of their users with big data analysis.

This is especially the case where there are multiple customers channels through which data can be collected and where companies are utilising the support provided by SAS service providers. 

Here, big data can be used to understand customer behaviour and preferences and to, thereafter, tailor the way companies market their products or deliver their services. In essence, it helps you create highly specific customer profiles that help you understand, intuitively, how you need to interact and reach out to your audience. 

Curating personalised customer experience with automation and big data

Another handy way to go about making the most of SAS marketing automation is using the data generated to create customer or user journeys that drive real value. 

By really understanding the different ways in which specific individuals engage with your brand, you can create ‘response triggers’ that create business-to-consumer engagement that yields more positive results. 

For instance, you can dive into your data via sentiment analysis and text analytics to see how your visitors engage with your brand to drive personalised follow-ups. If users visit your social media profiles, send them DMs directly within each platform and prompt them, subtly, to fulfil the action you desire. 

Optimising your outreach by tweaking customer and business variables

One of the most impressive things you can do with SAS marketing automation, as I’ve experienced, is using the data generated to plot multiple outcomes and scenarios using specific business and customer variables.

By playing with your data like this, you’re likely to enjoy new consumer insights. This may tell you, for instance, how your marketing campaigns need to be tailored to enjoy high levels of engagement among certain segments of your audience. 

You will also be able to understand how far your consumers are willing to engage with your business if you were to tweak your messaging and other relevant factors.

Improving data collection to capture insights that matter

While big data is playing a greater role in marketing than we previously imagined, gleaning these insights isn’t as easy as setting up SAS marketing automation platforms. 

Here, your system needs to be designed in a way that you’re capturing the customer information that matters. After all, no data = no revolution. 

In this regard, consulting SAS specialists is crucial to making the most of your automation platforms. These companies or consultants dive to the heart of your system and customise it in a way that you’re capturing the data you want and need. Thereafter, this data helps you execute your marketing campaigns with greater precision and accuracy

Introduce SAS marketing automation to drive the big data trend within your business!

As we move into a future where consumers expect business to be intuitive mind-readers, having the right tools is necessary to prepare for a future strife with innovation and major competition.

Here, SAS-driven marketing automation is one tool you cannot afford to miss out on. If you’re stumbling in this process and are unable to manage your system with your existing skills, there’s now a solution for this too: Dedicated SAS specialists who know exactly what you need and what they’re doing. 

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