Any marketer who’s worth his salt knows that backlink SEO is one of the cornerstone elements of successful digital marketing. Backlinks, as most of you know, are links linking back to external websites – a crucial SEO to-do for any kind of website content you publish.

Backlinks are unbelievably important. They belong to a type of reputation/credential-building strategy that helps Google understand which content is authoritative when it comes to certain subjects. 

Imagine you work in the cybersecurity industry and you, along with everyone else in your industry, link back to this one post, on a knowledge portal, dedicated to dissecting a particular cybersecurity-related subject. This will tell search engines that that website is the authority when it comes to cybersecurity matters – or certain matters at least – allowing it to rank better on SERPs.

In this post, I explore some of the most highly recommended tips to perfecting backlink SEO strategies. Let me know how these work for you!

Be selective in terms of the sites you link back to 

While linking back to any external site will fulfil your backlink SEO requirement, linking back to low-quality content or sites without much authority can impact your own ranking.

When determining the quality of a page or site, search engines look at things like the quality and relevance of the content, page authority, page loading time, and search engine accessibility, to name just a few of the most important criteria. 

As such, it’s probably wise to be a little selective when you’re choosing external links for your content. Linking back to authoritative pages will only improve the quality and reliability of your website. 

Optimise backlink anchor text

This is another element of backlink SEO that many newcomers in the marketing industry miss out on. Anchor text is another element, search engines like Google, judge you on when it comes to the quality of your page against entered search queries.

Here, backlink SEO strategies dictate that you incorporate the relevant keyword in your backlink’s anchor text. This is literally the text that anchors your external link to your content. Here’s an example:

What you’re seeing, here, is this link’s anchor text. Your keyword needs to be within this chunk of hyperlinked text

Another recommendation is that you keep your anchor text concise, wherever possible, and above all, relevant. Nobody likes reading long lines of hyperlinked text.

Consider guest posts as a way of backlinking to YOUR site

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to get high-quality backlinks to your site, guest posting is one of the best ways to get the job done. 

While you may need to shell out some cash to be linked back by established bloggers, it is a tried and tested strategy to rank better and faster. Depending on what you agree on with your guest writer, you can also ask them to link back to your site or posts when they participate in relevant threads on forums like Quora and community platforms like Reddit. 

Ultimately and over time, this increases the authority of your content, helping you gain the good graces of major search engines like Google. 

Perfect your backlink SEO strategies to enjoy the website authority you’ve only dreamed of 

For us, marketers, ranking in an enviable position on SERPs comes down to small steps you consistently perform. 

In this industry, fancy tools can only take you so far; you need to make sure you’re doing the basics of backlink SEO right to make big wins and position your website or those of your clients high on Google rankings. 

By following the three simple steps I’ve outlined above, ensure that your backlink strategies are based on a solid foundation – one that’s primed for success. 

To leave your backlink SEO efforts to a team that knows what it’s doing, contact the Hype Insight team today and stay tuned to our blog for more marketing and sales insights!