Social media agencies in Sydney are a great force in ensuring the success of many businesses in the region. They use social media to understand, analyze, publish, and engage an infinite number of customers.

The approximate number of people online in Sydney amounts to around 4 million, and most of them use more than one social media platform. Social media agencies in Sydney are highly adept at aligning the marketing needs, customer service, and sales efforts on social media, thereby strengthening customer relationships.

The following platforms are successfully used by social media agencies all over the world to effectively reach out the correct target audiences.


15 million Facebook users comprise the Australian continent, out of a total 1.2 billion identified active users on the platform. This digital platform is not only used as a point of interaction between colleagues, family members, or friends – it is also a highly effective marketing tool that can be used to spread information across the world.

A few benefits behind why many social media agencies in Sydney utilize Facebook are listed below:

  • Create and maintain a digital presence of companies – Through Facebook campaigns and ads, companies get access to a wide coverage of their intended audience via the platform. This method of advertising and outreach includes the sharing of blogs, videos, and an abundance of other text, image, or video-based collateral.
  • Analysis of campaigns: Insights gained via Facebook for both organic and paid campaigns are useful mechanisms for making crucial decisions in driving the right target audience in the direction of a specific company.
  • Multi-platform access: Whether it is via desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, Facebook is a platform that can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world, which makes it a phenomenal outreach tool.

According to the latest demographics, 28% of marketing and advertising industries around the world collaborate through LinkedIn. Known as a network platform for professionals, where the key social selling takes place, LinkedIn’s core benefit is that it provides a platform for the creation of professional relationships, job matches, and headhunting opportunities. LinkedIn connects professional users from all parts of the world – 3.9% of whom originate from Sydney. It is also reported that 74% of social customers use LinkedIn to connect and network with peers, vendors, and other groups. LinkedIn is the second most popular social platform in Sydney, second only to Facebook.

Here are a few ways social media agencies in Sydney utilize LinkedIn and its core benefits:

  • To maintain professional corporate pages: Social media agencies maintain attractive business pages on behalf of their clients, through which they continue to engage customers, keeping them updated and informed.
  • Brand promotion: LinkedIn is also a great platform for content marketing and the platform becomes a trusted source for business insights within a client’s focal industry. By including updated information via the regular maintenance of blogs and/or a few well-placed links, agencies attract large amounts of traffic to their clients’ pages.
  • Feedback gathering: In comparison to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is the perfect avenue through which a company can professional interact with their customer base, with surveys, messaging, and comments – especially in the case of B2B clients and their respective staff members. According to recent research, customers have stated that they feel more heard on LinkedIn than in any of the other social platforms.

Twitter is one of the most content rich and fast-paced social media platforms. Creating Twitter lists is as simple as clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner of your homepage and adding a short description to improve SEO. Social media agencies promptly follow experts and influencers in Twitter and, by interacting with these key influencers, help grow their clients’ brand and reputation. Twitter also acts as a great platform in sending rapid and instantaneous updates to customers/followers, with relative ease – unlike with other platforms, users of Twitter expert higher levels of activity.

Here are a few ways social media agencies in Sydney utilize Twitter and the platform’s core benefits:

  • Monitor competition: Twitter provides businesses with a great way of learning which of their competitor’s strategies are working well – their strengths, and weaknesses. This helps businesses with gathering ideas on how to improve their own Twitter strategy, while positioning themselves with a relevant and unique selling point, when placed beside their competitors.
  • Track trending subjects via hashtags: Twitter’s hashtags changed the way the internet communicated, which is why this iconic trend has been adopted by almost all the other contemporary social platforms. Hashtags give companies the ability to track interest levels and existing trends with a simple search of a term closely related to their business, allowing them to stay on top of it all. Monitoring trending subjects using hashtag lists can help keep track of a business’ brand and what consumers/users are saying about it.

Instagram now has 9 million monthly active users in Australia, which amounts to around 40% of the entire population. Australians are using Instagram as a platform to connect with friends and family, as well as brands. Through Instagram, social media agencies can plan and execute social media marketing campaigns, by customising and crafting content from multiple sources that in hand leads to many Instagram users being driven towards the brand – if it falls within their interests.

Here are a few ways social media agencies in Sydney utilize Instagram and the platform’s core benefits:

  • Drives social awareness across distributed teams: Having an active Instagram account with useful and interesting content can drive a business’ online mobile presence, in addition to generating high levels of social engagement with their target audience. Latest statistics prove that Instagram generates 58 times higher social engagement than Facebook and more than 120 times that when compared against Twitter.
  • Tailor campaigns and gain competitive advantage: It is also a proven fact that the businesses which incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategy are more likely attract their target audience far easier than they would with other social media platforms. This is very true especially for small businesses where the competition is much larger and marketing budgets much smaller – making the organic outreach of Instagram even more appealing.

Social media platforms help communicate business-related information to target audiences rapidly and with ease. Using the right social platform in the right way is essential to keeping your customers engaged with your brand and business – in addition to generating more customers. 

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