Describing itself as the “front page of the internet”, Reddit is a community of internet users that band together to pursue common interests, from things like conspiracy theories to the “internet’s cutest animals”. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Reddit marketing has emerged as a bona fide trend for savvy businesses keen on making a mark.

The question, then, is what can this admittedly large community of internet users offer a marketer? What value can we gain by diving deep into the secrets of this platform for brand awareness?

That’s precisely what I intend to discover in this post. Find out how you can leverage Reddit marketing as a part of your strategies without being flagged as a spammer – something taken very seriously on this platform.

Extend your reach to dedicated niche audiences

One of the greatest things about Reddit, in my opinion, is the diverse and highly specialised audiences you can find. 

While the platform is generally well-suited for many kinds of businesses, it’s really companies in niche sectors that benefit from this community of users. By finding the right subreddits, the smaller communities and discussion boards dedicated to specific topics – Harry Potter merchandise, for example – you can integrate yourself in the right discussions and start making subtle pushes to your products. 

In fact, many Reddit users customise their experience to highly specific interests, filtering out the generic, mundane content you’d have to wade through anywhere else. With dedicated research, you can make yourself a major part of your audience’s experience on this platform.

Take your content marketing to the next level on Reddit boards

Given the dizzying spate of content available on this forum, content marketing is a great idea, provided you’ve done sufficient groundwork.

By groundwork, I mean that you must have already identified relevant discussions/threads, have posted actively, and have integrated yourself within your targeted communities. If you’ve done all of this and have been successful, you can now start subtle content marketing to create buzz around your business.

Here, GIFs, videos (videos are the most upvoted external links), pictures, and AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) can yield success, if they’re carefully and thoughtfully created. Blogs, as it happens, don’t do too well, given that most users can sniff out marketing spam from a mile away.

In this process, keep your posts short – top Reddit posts are under 120 characters. Lastly, do not – and I repeat, do not – use click-bait titles you may be tempted to borrow from BuzzFeed. You will be flagged as a spammer faster than someone can hit the downvote button. 

Reach active and engaged audiences through Reddit ads

While the platform really does abhor marketers who try to weasel their way into subreddits, Reddit ads are a distinct possibility if you’re tired of playing coy.

Some of the best practices here are to target your ad to specific communities and use a variety of media formats to advertise what you have to offer. For a look at some of the recommendations Reddit, itself, has published, read this post

You can also leverage the sponsored content feature on the site and drive traffic to your site, allow users to test your products, create brand awareness, build focus groups, and even enjoy direct sales. Sponsored posts can be launched on both desktop and the mobile app, starting at $5 per day.

Drive brand awareness by creating a profile page for your business

Apart from your convert Reddit marketing strategies, something else you can consider for your business, especially if you’re quirky, popular, and tech-savvy, is creating a profile page on the platform. This allows you to maintain your own post feed and a page that users can follow and engage with. 

Brands like Nintendo, WWE, Time Magazine and Audi maintain their own profile pages and are followed by thousands of Redditors!

Nail Reddit marketing strategies to drive traffic and engagement to your business

Reddit has generated plenty of buzz in the marketing industry owing to its unique features and its potential use as part of a very exciting style of marketing.

By making these strategies a part of your business, you can reach entirely new audiences, even niche communities, who may just respond better to what you have to offer.

In this process, make sure that you do your research well, stay active, and become a fully-integrated and valued contributor before you even think of marketing. 

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