When you consider influencer marketing strategies and the general success these enjoy in the B2C sector, influencer marketing on LinkedIn sometimes seems like the forgotten step-sister.

The professionals’ platform, however, is now proving to be a lucrative space for influencers in the B2B market. Given that LinkedIn is known for its focus on business communities, influencers, here, are generally considered vetted experts – a priceless resource for companies who wish to hit the right mark with the right audience.

On my blog this week, I take a look at how influencer marketing strategies are carried out on LinkedIn – from how you can find the right influencers to creating a revenue-based plan.

Let’s take a look.

How do I find the right influencer(s) for my business?

The first step is to identify your niche and understand what your goals are. By figuring out which area of your business you wish to draw attention to, and on what segment of the market you operate in, finetune your list to only the most relevant influencers.

While you may have a couple of thought leaders – as they are known within LinkedIn’s many business communities – in mind, enter keywords related to your business or your interests on LinkedIn. While you can do the same on Google and identify influencers through the type of content they’ve pushed out, I recommend that you limit your search to LinkedIn.

This is because by searching for keywords here, you can understand the kind of post engagement thought leaders in the field enjoy. Fortunately or not, this is sometimes more important than the actual expertise they share.

How do I engage with the influencers I have in mind?

Once you identify your influencers, engaging with them in the right way is the second, very crucial step, in this process.

Sometimes, you may be able to message them right away and get to creating a connection. This, however, may not be the most viable option in certain instances – especially if your influencer is a heavyweight in the industry. In these cases, it may be best to look into what kind of groups they are active in, join those, and start contributing as well.

While you don’t need to make this a heavy-duty activity, become active in those groups until you feel like you’re in the right place to engage with your influencer. Once you reach that point, craft an engaging message and start making a connection. Make sure you’re also following their personal page as well as any official page they may be affiliated with.

It’s important not to be lazy when it comes to drafting these messages! Be genuine and express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. In this process, outline your asks and show them the value they gain by engaging with you. Never pitch your ideas in a way that makes you sound desperate or needy!

How do I drive revenue with influencer marketing strategies on LinkedIn?

Influencer marketing strategies are considered invaluable due to their ability to drive revenue. In 2018, in fact, 67% of marketers reported that they planned on increasing their influencer marketing budgets over the course of the year.

Once you lock down your influencer, use them, first and foremost, to give your products or services an extended and honest review. Most followers place a great deal of faith and trust in thought leaders, and if they give them a review highlighting both the good and the bad, you can all but guarantee to win over new customers and enjoy greater sales.

Another way you can increase your revenue is to cross-sell and upsell your own products, off those your influencer reviews or promotes. As with sites that feature a ‘related products’ section, highlight your other offerings wherever you can.

Additionally, you can assign your influencer a discount code to offer their audiences. Not only is this a way of luring in new customers, but it also helps you track the conversion rate of your influencer’s efforts.

Key takeaways

Influencer marketing strategies on LinkedIn are an exciting new area for marketers in the B2B sector. Unlike your B2C counterparts, however, it’s likely that you will need to put in more effort, more research, and more thought into the content you want your influencers to share.

The extra work, however, often converts to high-value rewards. With the right strategies, add value to your influencer, all while enjoying higher brand awareness and sales.

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