According to Demand Metric, 82% of customers report a more positive outlook on a company after reading custom content. In the same vein, 70% of customers feel closer to a particular business as a result of successful content marketing. What does this have to do with brand awareness?

To put it simply, your content strategy is what creates your brand and how people perceive it. That being said, not all types of content can help you improve brand awareness. Even with the right content, you won’t go far unless you know how to measure the impact of your strategies on brand awareness.

In my blog this week, I examine the types of content that can help you create brand awareness and how to determine whether they’re successful in doing so.

Which types of content create brand awareness?

When it comes to marketing strategies, there are various types of content available at our disposal. In terms of creating lasting brand awareness, however, some of the best types or formats include podcasts, videos, guest articles, blogs, branded tutorials, reviews, e-books, and the like.

Not everything works, though – many mistakenly believe that infographics fall into the above category. While these are a very popular way of presenting information and are a strategic link-building tool, they’re not very useful when it comes to building brand awareness.

How do I know my content strategy is working?

Here are a few ways you can gain an understanding of how effective your content is at creating brand awareness.

Social media reach

If you’re sharing any of the content outlined above, one way you can track whether you’re successful is by taking a look at social media reach.

An indicator relevant to almost every online platform, the reach your content has – in terms of everything from follower count to social shares – can tell you whether people place value in your brand. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter can, in various ways, tell you how many times your posts have been shared and how many impressions they’ve achieved.

Needless to say, the higher the number the better.

Brand and media mentions

Another way to measure just how successful your brand awareness efforts are is through brand and media mentions. If you’re a leader in the market or are an explosive newcomer, your business is bound to be mentioned online – whether on social media or through more conventional media channels.

To keep track of this, Google Alerts is one of the most useful online tools. Once set up, these alerts send you a roundup of news articles that mention your brand, whenever and wherever.

Along with other trackers, these platforms allow you to keep up with brand mentions online, allowing you to see what people are saying (and how they perceive) your business.

Branded searches

If you want to see how many people are aware of your business, search volume, particularly on the Google Search Engine, is a useful way of determining whether your content is doing what it’s supposed to.

Google Ads is particularly useful, given that it tells you what keywords are being used to look for your brand online. This can be done through a brand campaign, which quantifies the number of specific searches for your business. Given that branded search terms are unlikely to be competitive, they’re usually quite affordable to run.

Key takeaways

Brand awareness is a decisive determiner of your overall success. If part of your content strategy is not tailored to create knowledge of your business among consumers, you may find that sales, profit, and growth are a little hard to come by.

By leveraging the right type of material and by tracking their reach systematically, ensure that your business soon becomes a household name.

How else can I improve brand awareness?

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