In the sales world, it’s easy to get stuck thinking that more calls mean more prospects and more prospects, ultimately, leads to greater sales.

Logic dictates that this is true. So, why is this no longer the case?

While it’s tempting to think that more calls can lead to higher sales, the industry itself seems to be rejecting this approach. Now, greater focus is placed on nurturing high-quality prospects, guiding them carefully through the sales cycle, and proving the benefit of the product or service being sold through personalised approaches.

Further debunking this popular myth, my post today will dive into why sales is no longer a numbers game. Let me know what you think!

Not all prospects are created equal

When approaching any kind of sales strategy, it’s important to remember that no two prospects are ever the same. Sure, they may have many similarities. For the most part, however, you will find that nurturing each individual or company requires a variety of different approaches.

In this regard, what does it matter if you pursue 100 low-quality prospects when you can nurture 10 individuals who show a greater indication of converting? In this way, not only do sales teams save time by pursuing prospects and leads that show true potential – they also ensure that likely customers are primed for purchase and continuing loyalty.

One in the hand is worth two in the bush

While cold calling was a tactic that proved highly successful at one point, a lack of targeting can really hurt sales efforts, at present.

Most buyers, nowadays, are more strapped for time than they are for cash. This means that they’re prone to immediately disregard anything that isn’t immediately relevant to their lifestyle, interests, or more importantly, their problems. It makes sense, therefore, for sales professionals to double down on numbers and focus on leads that are highly relevant.

In this way, by pursuing many individuals who display mild interest, as opposed to a few individuals or companies who are most relevant to a given business, poor sales, lost time, and wasted effort are inevitable consequences.

Effort outweighs numbers

Another factor to consider is this: expending effort having conversations with a few prospects is more effective than pitching to hundreds.

If your target is to make a 100 calls per day, rather than take the time to nurture a few individuals along the sales funnel, your approach is likely to yield limited success. It’s 2019 – focus on solving problems instead of selling a product. In this way, you show your prospects that you’re committed to addressing their needs rather than making a quick sell.

In this way, performance definitely outweighs numbers, helping sales executives meet targets that reflect real success.

Structured sales calls have replaced the need for mass dialling

Another reason why sales is no longer a numbers game is that structured calling tactics yield high results. This has meant that there is no longer any need to pursue thousands of contacts, just to enjoy a handful of prospects that display signs of conversion.

With structured conversations – the script for which is refined after a period of trial and error – anticipating what your prospect is going to ask or say, saves you a significant amount of time and effort. In this way, you drive value to your contact at every second or minute of the conservation – a tried and tested sales strategy.

Key takeaways

Cold calling has always been a huge part of sales strategies. While things are slightly different nowadays, it still remains a core part of the work that executives are responsible for.

While there’s nothing wrong with calling prospects to nurture them, this must be done in a strategic manner, backed with the right research. By wasting money and time contacting individuals who possess a low likelihood of converting, sales teams and efforts can really take a hit.

Sales, therefore, is no longer a numbers game – it’s all about the right leads, the right data, and the right approaches. By combining these elements, you can now convert the focus of your sales from numbers to results.

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