Braze is a customer engagement platform that provides the tools to create powerful customer interactions between consumers and brands. 

Their solutions give brands the opportunity to connect with their audience while providing meaningful customer experiences. 

This is something that Braze did with online food delivery company Deliveroo to help them create campaigns for their business on a global scale while still delivering personalised content. 

Navigating the global marketplace during a time of turbulence

The British food delivery company was founded way back in 2013 with a simple goal—to bring food right to your doorstep. 

They were ready to transform the way you eat, allowing you to eat take-out with practically no effort—just a few taps on your phone screen.

With fast and reliable delivery, an impressive selection of restaurants, and a forward-thinking attitude towards innovation and expansion, Deliveroo was set to add value to both its customers and delivery partners. 

Fast forward to 2022 and they now operate in over 800 towns and cities across 12 markets worldwide. 

However, their global expansion was not a cakewalk, especially with the turbulence brought on by the pandemic.

While Deliveroo had huge opportunities for growth, keeping up with the huge rise in demand along with the ever-changing trends of the market was a major challenge

The pandemic also changed the eating patterns of their existing customers, as they were forced to move back home or stop working late at the office. 

With more new users joining the platform, there was an accumulation of customers for which Deliveroo had no historical data—meaning they had to rehaul their marketing strategy completely.

Even restaurants started changing up their opening times or service hours with the pandemic, while more and more new restaurants also started signing up for the platform. 

This meant that Deliveroo had to work on a method to build a strong cross-functional marketing strategy that would be able to work across their global operations. 

The tools for success

While they had already been using Braze for their customer relationship management (CRM), they hadn’t really used it effectively. 

Until the pandemic hit, Deliveroo had been uploading all their data into the Braze platform manually, which grew increasingly unsustainable as their demand grew as country-wide lockdowns were enforced. 

It was clear that to make their global marketing efforts more sustainable, they would have to improve the way they handled their data

This was when they started using Currents, a high-powered data export tool available in the Braze platform to support direct connections between Braze and various other business intelligence tools and marketing tech stack layers. 

This enabled them to automatically move data between Braze and other platforms so that all teams in all regions would have seamless access to any Braze data, regardless of the platform they use. This made it much simpler to manage and optimise their marketing strategies. 

Deliveroo also used Braze to employ the use of Looker—an enterprise platform for business intelligence and business analytics—which was able to consolidate various data sets, such as Braze campaign data with average order time. 

Looker also enabled data visualisation through various presentation formats, while users could also access increasingly specific subsets of data to gain actionable insights. 

As Currents enabled real-time data, teams globally had access to the most up-to-date data in order to successfully run their marketing campaigns, which reduced the time spent by the Deliveroo HQ CRM team fielding data requests by 8 times. 

With Braze’s cross-channel marketing capabilities and automation, Deliveroo was able to successfully engineer personalised content based on the latest data. 

This allowed all their teams globally to be much more flexible with the types of content that they were showing their customers, giving them the ability to swiftly and effectively adapt to changing market trends.

Braze: It’s how you use it 

Moving forward, Deliveroo can now ensure a steady expansion into further territories with a system that has all of its data easily accessible and customisable for regional differences. 

While Braze had all the tools that Deliveroo required to scale effectively and manage its global expansion, it was only due to the turbulence of the pandemic that they were able to finally make the most out of this incredibly powerful CRM tool. 

So, if you’re a Braze user, don’t wait to make the most of your investment—start today.