Today’s consumers have evolved and are a much more complex breed than in years past.

They make their way through many devices, channels, and locations and expect brands to follow and be in perfect unison with them. 

In an increasingly digital world, consumers are searching for more personalised experiences across platforms. With these constantly changing preferences, brands are investing more resources into engaging consumers and improving their journey with the brand.

Marketing teams often struggle to keep up with these trends, as most tools available don’t provide insights into consumer behaviours that help develop more personalised engagement efforts.

Recognising the gap in the market, Yashwanth Kumar and Raviteja Dodda created MoEngage—a customer engagement platform driven by consumer insights, and today, this global brand helps Fortune 500 companies gain valuable knowledge about consumer behaviours. 

Helping brands with evolving engagement needs

The proprietary AI tool used by MoEngage helps brands gain comprehensive insights into the evolving engagement needs of their consumers.

Providing recommendations on the best messaging content, the most opportune times to deploy messages, and the most suitable formats to communicate with different types of consumers are just a few ways in which MoEngage helps brands engage their consumer base.

Marketing teams can also benefit from this platform, as they can leverage tools such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) behavioural trends and cohort analysis to analyse their consumer needs. Simply put, MoEngage helps you gain insight into customer behaviours and patterns and help you target consumers using the most suitable channels.

So, how does this help businesses? 

Businesses have access to an array of insights that can help them create more personalised content and target consumers with messaging that appeals to their sensibilities. Some consider these in-depth insights to be the holy grail of targeted digital marketing, where the brand is always at the centre of the consumer’s journey.

In the case of Audiomack—an online music streaming and discovery platform—MoEngage has helped them expand their user base and offer a more personalised experience through push notifications, in-app campaigns, and email marketing. The AI platform gives Audiomack the ability to make personalised recommendations to its subscribers, leading to increased brand loyalty.

Engaging consumers through complex, multi-step consumer journeys

Taking into consideration that consumers are more engaged today than ever before, using the proper channels can help brands open up new ways of communication and give them the opportunity to engage with brands more easily.

However, a common mistake many sales and marketing teams make is burdening consumers by bombarding them with marketing material across platforms.

With MoEngage, marketers can now engage their core audience through multiple channels on relevant touchpoints. Businesses can target consumers on various social media platforms like Facebook, and other channels like SMS, push notifications, and email campaigns.

Brands have the opportunity to select the relevant channel most suitable for their consumers and send out personalised marketing content.

Let’s take a closer look at how MoEngage does this with Facebook. 

We all know that Facebook is a haven for marketers and advertisers. By integrating your Facebook business page with MoEngage, you have the ability to create Facebook Custom Audiences for customised Facebook campaigns targeting the right audience.

Through this, you can:

  • Encourage purchases by creating a Facebook audience consisting of customers who have added items to their shopping cart but haven’t purchased them, you can nudge them to finalise their purchase.
  • If you have customers who have purchased a certain product, then you can remove them from your Facebook Custom Audience for any future advertising campaigns for the same product and drive targeted advertising.
  • Create a Facebook Custom Audience with customers who haven’t received push notifications in the past 3 months and send them messages to remind them of your brand and reopen a dialogue with churned users.

Evaluating the success of consumer acquisition and retention mechanisms

One of the key areas that brands need more insight into is not only what’s driving consumers toward the brand, but also what’s driving consumers away from their brand.

Having information about the customer experience at every stage can paint a more comprehensive picture of exactly during which stage consumers are losing interest and breaking away from the brand.

Having a tool that analyses the demographics, device types, and locations to get the complete picture of why consumers may abandon your brand can save you a lot of time and money.

With its AI-based optimisations, MoEngage helps you track your consumer lifecycle across various touchpoints and helps you identify where your efforts need to change to acquire more consumers and reduce the number of consumers that detract from your brand.

For instance, think about a group of users who have signed up for your mobile app. After the users have signed up, you notice that during the next few days, there is a consistent drop in usage. This is alarming since the goal for any business is to have active users and little or—ideally—no detractors.

With a tool like MoEngage, you can break down the specifics of these detractors, such as location, gender, language, OS platform, and more to analyse how and why you’re losing the interest of your customers.

The right customer engagement platform can transform a brand

From understanding consumer behaviour to assessing product campaign performance, brands require more in-depth data to make the right decisions. 

With the rise of competing brands, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the interest and engagement of consumers.

As a customer-centric platform, MoEngage has provided businesses with the opportunity to move towards a more data-driven management approach, where brands can engage with consumers in a timely and more personalised manner.

For businesses that are looking to make a lasting impact and remain relevant, adopting new technologies that help with this objective is crucial.

The changes that brands make in their overall approach and adoption of these latest advancements in customer experience will be the deciding factor between brands that are engaged with their consumers and brands that are forgotten.