Digital marketing agencies often have their work cut out for them, when it comes to pushing out intangible products. With regard to software marketing, specifically, businesses often require out-of-the-box strategies and ideas, owing to the technical nature of these products. The challenge, therefore, is to convey the complex features and technicalities in a relatively simple and effective manner. This, unfortunately, is easier said than done.

In recognising this challenge, the following will provide the Dos and Don’ts for any company looking to market software solutions. Take heed; greater sales and success await!

DO Identify who your consumers are

As is most often the case, software companies sell and operate in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space. Content and marketing strategies are highly dependant on the type of customers you cater to; if they are indeed other businesses, greater care is needed in undertaking your activities.

For instance, your software might be something that helps other businesses increase their own sales and profits, and thus, content needs to be carefully thought out, and end-users clearly identified.

DO create a narrative around your product

It has been often stated that marketing is not really about selling good products or services, but about telling good stories. These are wise words to keep in mind, especially if your product requires complex, technical explanations. While companies should not skimp on explaining software features and capabilities, make sure this is easily understandable by your customers.

Instead of listing off the many awesome features your software promises, create a story around it. For instance, narratives including how the company has changed the way people work, or impacted people’s lives for the better, will be better received. This doesn’t just make it easier for individuals to absorb your content, but visualise just how such software will impact their work and life. This undeniably makes for great marketing material.

DO NOT use generic content

Let’s be honest, videos on software features don’t really rank high in terms of personal entertainment. Imagine how much worse it would be to use content that isn’t original?

Whatever videos and graphics you make, ensure that these are specifically customised to your business. While your customers may in fact be other businesses, this shouldn’t prevent you from creating lively and interactive videos, including client testimonials, fun stories, industry news, and other such content. Whichever you choose, make sure your videos are light and concise!

DO use marketing automation tools

With the growth of online tools and technology, there’s plenty of software out there that automate basic marketing functions. From generating and nurturing leads, segmenting contacts, and generating keen business insights, automation tools are a godsend for software marketing.

Given that pre-sales and post-sales processes can often take a very long time to conclude, such software and tools really help a company manage their various accounts, and ultimately, deliver next-level customer service and support. All of these play a huge role in a company’s success.

DO optimise your content and website for SEO purposes

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what helps your page rank higher on Google and other search engines, featuring it among the first results when someone searches for content relevant to your business. SEO includes the identification of keywords and optimising your website according to those, especially through blogs and other shareable content. In turn, these will more or less position your company as an information hub within the industry; a good thing in and of itself.

If you don’t see immediate results, don’t be disappointed. Keeping up your SEO activity will produce real results in the long run.

DO offer free trials

Offering customers a free trial can give you the competitive edge you need, to make a real difference. If you are a company that’s just emerging in the market, this could certainly help prop your company to where you want it to be, sooner rather than later. Through this you could even increase the number of customer testimonials you get in, which is always a beneficial factor for just about any business.

Key Takeaways

Software marketing isn’t as straightforward as many marketers would wish it to be. Given the often complex and technical nature of the software being promoted, companies have to come up with unique ways to take their products to the masses, and engage their interest.

In this process, clearly identifying who your customers are, and utilising innovative strategies and campaigns, can make a world of a difference.

Remember, marketing software isn’t as glamorous as most other things, but that shouldn’t hinder your creativity and flair. With the tips set out above, companies should have no trouble optimising their software marketing to be the best it can be.

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