In the modern day and age, social media is used for more than just information sharing and social interaction. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have revolutionised the way businesses undertake their activities, beyond just everyday marketing operations. That being said, marketing activities constitute a majority of the activity conducted on such platforms.

In doing so, it’s easy to believe that consistently posting relevant content will help you get to where you want. Marketing experts have often pointed out that this is unlikely to prove successful, especially in an era of informed and intelligent customers. This week’s blog will focus on the insights the best marketing agencies have on some of the main social platforms, and how they leverage them.


On the whole, Facebook is best suited to increase the general brand awareness of your company and create recognition. Apart from other activities that can be undertaken, including posting ads or collecting event registrations, this is the main purpose for which it is used.

With 87% of internet users between the ages of 18-29 on Facebook, the platform represents a wealth of potential, especially for online businesses.

In terms of content, marketing agencies believe that for Facebook, posts that focus more on a company’s culture, perform exceedingly well. These could include posts and pictures from that fun company trip you took, workshops attended, or even those fun, silly moments from everyday life at your workspace! Additionally, social graphics, brief videos, as well as engaging photos and captions, capture the attention and interest of existing and potential customers.

Businesses often fall prey to the belief that the way to increase sales would be to promote products and services on its social media channels. Research, however, is quick to point out that customers don’t appreciate being inundated with offers and product information all the time. Create excitement and appeal around your brand through well curated social posts instead!


LinkedIn, on the other hand, deserves a completely different approach and strategy. Consisting of mostly professionals from practically every industry in existence, the goals you can achieve through content marketing on LinkedIn differs from that of Facebook. Primarily, businesses ought to focus on creating thought leadership through their brand, and providing access to gated content (which require registration before access is granted). That being said, LinkedIn can still be used to create general awareness of the business.

In terms of content, the best marketing agencies recommend that business focused blog posts from industry experts and executives, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and relevant quotes and graphics, work best.

Given the higher levels of income, education, and experience among LinkedIn users, content has to be professional, clearly targeted at the business community. That being said, simplicity is key in conveying your message.


Similarly, Twitter too has its own unique demography and content style. With a majority of those using Twitter under the age of 50, the platform is continuously growing, both in membership and importance. Users exchange content in the form of thoughts and comments on popular media, politics, sports, entertainment, and a range of other issues. What’s unique here is the 280 character cap on content, which has led to very unique forms of expressing thoughts and ideas across this webspace.

For Twitter, content is best centred around social graphics and photos, which comprise of more than half of the engagements on this platform. Similarly, links to published blogs, company, and product updates are also known to perform well.

With this content, marketing agencies generally aim to increase a brand’s recognition, and establish thought leadership, as well as provide access to gated content, and collect registration for various sign ups. Additionally, Twitter is also successfully leveraged to increase the conversion rate of a business.

Key Takeaways

In using online platforms for the promotion of your company and its products, each platform requires tailored content in order to be effective. Understanding the various demographics within each of these sites, is key to using these platforms to drive conversion and sales. Using the tips set out above, make sure you’re making the most of all your marketing channels. Effective and targeted marketing has never been easier with the insight available at hand.

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