Unlike the certainly less complicated past, healthcare marketing is no longer a fluffy tool or an unnecessary expense.

While the demand for healthcare services will certainly sustain, stiff competition in the industry has meant that every player – from big organizations to small clinics – now need to present themselves as a trusted partner for health.

That’s exactly where healthcare marketing comes in. In today’s blog post, I take a look at what’s new for healthcare marketers and the biggest trends I anticipate seeing this year. Continue reading for a closer look!

Self-diagnosis in the age of the internet

In this day and age, everyone, you and I included, turns to Google for answers to life’s most pressing questions.

This is true even when we experience a sudden and intense headache. A relentlessly sensitive stomach. Blurry vision. Whatever the symptom or sensation, our instinctive reaction is to turn to the internet for diagnosis and treatment.

In light of this reality, addressing the potential questions patients may have is critical when website content is being created. Not only does your website need to address these questions, but it also needs to provide a solution, which usually takes the form of an appointment booking option. This information needs to be structured in a way that flows easily and naturally.

Healthcare websites will be more accessible, interactive and user-friendly

Up until fairly recently, healthcare websites were barely functional let alone aesthetically pleasing.

Now, healthcare providers possess websites that are sleek, highly functional, and more user-friendly than ever. Many, in fact, are designed with patient or user portals, which improves how patients interact with their service providers.

This is critically important because it is estimated that 48% of people cite a website’s design as the number one factor in gauging the credibility of a business. As essential as healthcare services are, coasting by on a poorly designed website simply isn’t good for business.

Healthcare marketers, however, can’t simply rely on a sleek website to pull visitors and patients in. They also need to ensure that websites add value in a concrete manner. Whether this means maintaining an online repository of patient records, allowing visitors to book appointments or any other virtual health service – virtual healthcare visits increased from 54% in 2014 to 71% in 2017 – an easy-to-use website needs to be a priority when it comes to healthcare marketing.

Localised healthcare SEO will become more important than ever

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for marketers in every industry.

While this is certainly true for healthcare marketers, they now need to place more emphasis on another crucial aspect – localising their keywords to a specific geographical area.

This is made evident by the fact that “near me” searches for healthcare services have doubled since 2015.

In light of this, healthcare marketing in 2019 will need to focus more on localising SEO efforts and optimising website content strategically. Content shouldn’t be whipped up merely for the sake of adding text to a website – it should address the needs and wants of patients in a concise and clear manner.

All of these efforts need to, ultimately, list your healthcare company within the first few businesses whose names and contact details pop up on top of Google’s organic search result pages.

Google Ads will become one of the most important advertising tools

As important as a good SEO strategy is, advertising healthcare services in the right places is just as important. In this regard, healthcare marketing in 2019 will not be complete without the all-important, Google ads.

Those looking for healthcare services in their area often choose the quickest and easiest option available to them. By placing ads, which are the very first things a user sees when they type in certain search words, this positions a certain service provider as a convenient option.

In order to enjoy real results, however, not only is careful keyword research necessary, but ads also have to be targeted effectively using geographical locations and demographical interests.

Key takeaways

Healthcare marketing is a specialised field and requires constant adaptation in order to be truly effective. While these trends aren’t entirely novel, they are positioned to dominate this field in 2019.

By being aware of these and incorporating relevant strategies into healthcare marketing efforts, driving visitors both online and at a given healthcare facility becomes easier and more effective!

How can I improve my healthcare marketing strategies?

At Hype Insight, we come onboard with one, simple mission – to position you as a leader in your field. Take a look at our range of services and contact us today for transformative healthcare marketing.