Looking for the best marketing tools is a practice common to all marketers – myself included. Among some of the gems I’ve discovered, Klaviyo is a platform I’ve developed a keen fondness for.

At its core, the platform gives you the tools you need to undertake optimised e-commerce marketing. Through the power and potential of automation, Klaviyo drives email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing – areas, which are crucial for any marketer.

In this week’s post, I dive into some of the features that make this platform a winner – provided you’ve locked down a good marketing strategy. Continue reading and let me know if you agree!

In-built integrations and segmentation

When I need to dive deep into marketing, I hate having to sift through data from multiple sources and sort through it to find what I need.

One thing Klaviyo does right is that it allows you to pull data from a variety of sources – including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce – and combine it for a comprehensive view of a given customer. If you’re reluctant to do this because you’ve got your own system, Klaviyo’s API allows you to extract the information you need without too much difficulty.

This capability has made my email marketing so much easier and more effective. It helps me see connections among customers, which is where Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities really kick in. As a firm believer of the ‘divide and conquer’ principle, I save so much time filtering and segmenting customers according to almost any condition or behaviour.

Customer tracking and targeting

Now, customer tracking is a bit of a sensitive area. That being said, it still remains a crucial practice for almost every marketer. Without (legal) customer tracking, it would be very difficult for us to personalise our approaches or remarket effectively.

Klaviyo’s tracking capabilities are pretty decent and are quite easy to set up too. All you need to do is enter a few codes on your website and the tool will track what your customers are doing on your site. Unsurprisingly, this information becomes very important when it comes to targeting certain customers under specific marketing and sales campaigns.

This brings me to the next point I want to discuss. Personalisation.

Great personalisation capabilities

For me, there are only a few things more important than personalisation. When I started using Klaviyo, this was one thing I really wanted to test out – would it live up to the hype?

I’m glad to say it does. This platform – which is really one of the best marketing tools when it comes to personalisation – allows me to pull all kinds of information, including custom web feeds, cart items, product recommendations, and the like.

More than this, though, I like that I can hide/reveal certain content, on the same email, to different recipients, based on certain customer characteristics. This is possible because of the kind of dynamic data blocks that Klaviyo specialises in. You can also use template tags to personalise specific elements of your emails, although this is pretty much a standard part of all email automation platforms.

Klaviyo Segments for Facebook ad targeting

Another seriously handy feature is the platform’s Facebook ad targeting capabilities. With it, it becomes easier for you to identify exactly where you need to break down your customer base for more effective ad targeting.

With this knowledge, you can make your ads as specific and relatable as possible, increasing the click-through-rate and conversions!

Key takeaways

Klaviyo is a highly functional and very user-friendly platform for a range of marketing activities. While the points discussed are some of the most important features of this platform, they’re hardly the only things worth talking about.

If you’re interested in discovering what else one of the best marketing tools can do for you, I highly recommend that you take a look at all their features. If you’re convinced, I hope you have an experience as good as mine.

What are the best marketing tools for me?

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