As technological trends infiltrate just about every level of society, marketing activity has had to adapt in order to be effective against a new breed of conscious customers. In this regard, a concept known as inbound marketing has taken the industry by storm in recent years.

So what exactly does this mean? Inbound marketing basically refers to the techniques and strategies businesses use to attract customers to their products through targeted content, extensive social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and better branding activity.

For this type of marketing, there’s no better tool than HubSpot, which aims to transform these complex functions into easy processes for even the most inexperienced marketing execs.

Read below for more on its great features and capabilities!

1.Lead Generation and Management

One of the biggest uses of any marketing tool is undoubtedly its lead generation capability.

This is especially so if your business does not have a separate sales team, leaving the core chunk of that activity on your lap. With HubSpot in place, these processes are made easier through the provision of specific information on your prospects, giving you keen insight into their interests and activity, allowing for more targeted marketing efforts on your end.

In this context, the data that HubSpot generates is invaluable to the structuring and execution of your marketing activity, as well as better client support and management. This type of information is of critical importance for companies that are professional sellers of goods/services, as well as companies that operate in the B2B context.

2.Social media and website integration

Given the data generation capabilities the platform possesses, it’s only natural that it connects seamlessly to a business’ social media channels and other platforms such as Google+.

This allows for an integration with HubSpot’s Sales Chrome extension, making that data easily accessible to your inbox. This makes interacting and managing customers easier than it has ever been.

Furthermore, it provides for a smooth integration with your company’s website. This feature alerts you about how leads and customers interact with your business. For instance, when a lead visits your website or a dormant customer returns to their cart, HubSpot will notify you of this activity. Basically, you’re given insights into how your customer base uses your website, providing information on the pages they’ve visited and other information necessary to make a personalised pitch they can’t say no to.

3.Better Content

Content is a core component of successful marketing strategies and, like all effective tools, many of HubSpot’s capabilities focuses on this integral aspect.

In this regard, one of the greatest features of the platform is the way in which SEO is made as easy as breathing.

SEO basically refers to the process in which a brand’s online visibility, particularly within search engine results, is enhanced. With HubSpot, step by step guidance is provided on how to increase a particular post’s/webpage’s ranking.

Further, it also allows you to gather a comprehensive overview of your content calendar and what marketing activities you are planning for a specific period of time. This makes it easier to track your overall progress, as well as prevent you from getting lost in a sea of similar content. This is especially useful if you’re a company that has outsourced your marketing functions to third party companies/individuals.

4.Growing your business organically

At the end of the day, every business just wants to experience accelerated growth and profits.

HubSpot makes this process an achievable reality. With keen insights on exactly how each of your strategies and campaigns are working, you’re well-placed to make the changes and modifications necessary to push your business in the right direction. This type of real-time data also gives you the vision and foresight integral to plan future activities, with a much reduced potential for error and risk.

Key Takeaways

HubSpot is a leader in automated marketing tools.

With its extensive range of premium features and capabilities, users truly experience a transformation in the way they conduct their day-to-day marketing activities. For businesses looking to stay relevant and compete under present market conditions, tools such as this are indispensable, and are key contributors to a businesses long-term and short-term success.

Ultimately, with the type of support users gain out of this kind of platform, the margin for failure and error is significantly lessened. At the end of the day, this is exactly what business are looking for by adopting automation tools such as HubSpot.

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