As any marketer can attest, email marketing is a powerful strategy that retains a prime spot in any executive’s arsenal.

Not only is this is a powerful way of engaging your customers and retaining them, but is an effective revenue generator as well. None of this, however, changes the fact that such emails generally take significant preparation, taking quite a bit of time and effort on your end. This is what you’re up for, if you try doing things the conventional way.

Nowadays, with the growing range of marketing tools available, platforms such as SendGrid have made a huge impact on how email marketing is carried out. Through this tool, such campaigns are made easier and more effective without too much prior knowledge or hassle.

Our blog this week takes a look at all the ways in which SendGrid makes marketing and transactional emails a walk in the park.

Epic customisation to suit your needs

As one would assume, a strong feature of email marketing tools should allow for the easy customisation of individual campaigns.

With SendGrid, this is not even the slightest concern. Not only does the platform provide a range of templates from which individuals can choose, but also offers the option of building campaigns from scratch. This allows users to design their email exactly the way they want, without too much complexity or effort.

With the option of designing with edit & drop tools, HTML, or a combination of both, building campaigns that gives you greater control over the finer details is now possible. You can also rest assured that the platform will not interfere with your coding in the process of designing or sending out your campaign. While it will most likely take a total newcomer some time to catch the ropes, this process isn’t as daunting as other platforms make it seem.

With SendGrid by your side, email marketing campaigns are easy to learn and efficient to use.

Tailored targeting and delivery

When sending out email campaigns, the importance of segmenting your contacts is one that should not be taken for granted.

SendGrid doesn’t allow you to manually sift through your contact list and begin your sending. Through its segmenting capabilities, dividing up your contacts according to your own categorisations and sending targeted messaging to them – whether to buy your new product/service or a simple, transactional email – is more convenient than ever.

Additionally, through its use of custom fields, personalisation is no longer an anxiety-inducing task. The platform allows for the hassle-free addition of recipient-specific data, helping you to drive sales and conversion without breaking a sweat.

Before this, however, making sure your email reaches your customer’s inbox is a key factor. This too, is taken care of by SendGrid’s functionality. More than just safeguarding your account, it secures the delivery of your emails through dedicated IPs and with custom domain sending. This is further enhanced given the company’s close relationship with top Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Access to analytics and data

Another feature that sets SendGrid apart, is the provision of keen insights into the performance of your email campaigns.

This helps you to optimise your engagement and fine-tune your approaches (if necessary) to get the results you’re after. With its data gathering capabilities, you can check on delivery rates, track sends, bounces, spam reports, link clicks, and a range of other actions performed by your consumers. Further, it’s easier for you to track engagement across devices, platforms, geography, ISPs, and the like. The custom categories provided, also allows you to monitor performance against your unique priorities.

Moreover, SendGrid also offers an Event Webhook, which gives you the option of downloading your campaigns stats in real-time. This makes data gathering a simplified task, without the need for you to manually sift through complex worksheets looking for campaign insights. Through the provision of such data, further contact segmenting is made possible. As a result of insights generated from customer interaction with your email campaign, such as those who unsubscribed, those who do not click-through to your website, among others, you can now classify customers and leads according to performance. This gives you a better understanding of how to target future campaigns, and perhaps, just what tactics are necessary to convert customer dormancy into active engagement with your products and services.

Key Takeaways

SendGrid is a champion in creating powerful emails that can really leverage your business as a forerunner in the market. With its range of customisation tools, seamless workflow management, performance reports, and the like, users ensure that they’re at their best when conducting standard email marketing.

At Hype Insight, we aim to provide you with visionary marketing strategies and advice. Contact us today for more information about our services; success awaits!