Of the extensive automated marketing tools up for grabs in the industry, Active Campaign is easily among the best software money can buy. Offering its buyers a range of phenomenal features and capabilities, marketers find every day activity made easier and more efficient than ever before.

Our blog this week, will dive into exactly why this needs to be your next business investment. If you’re interested in making innovative and strategic campaigns and tactics a part of your business activity, read below and make the decision for yourself.

Powerful automation

Sure, that heading sounds like nothing more than fancy marketing fluff. With Active Campaign, however, this is in fact the truth.

In particular, the software automates many of the laborious processes involved in conducting basic marketing activities, especially lead management and email campaigns. From initiating campaigns to starting and nurturing your sales processes, Active Campaign does not disappoint.

One of its standout highlights is its visual automation editor that allows you to create next-level email workflows, unparalleled to many other competitors in the market. You can also perform other functions like cart abandonment automation (where you send automated messages to someone who’s added an item to their cart but not checked out), targeted/customised email campaigns based on a customer’s prior search history and purchases, and many other activities apart from this.

(Extremely) competitive price points

With packages starting as low as $17, Active Campaign is a true steal for all the features and functions it offers its users. While it may be more useful if most or all features are purchased, its lite version nonetheless offers customers some pretty cool automation services.

This is particularly prominent because it means that even the smallest of businesses can now access cutting-edge tools for everyday business activity. With software such as these easily accessible, this could even signal the beginning of a complete re-haul in terms of how marketing activities are conducted on a day-to-day basis.

Seamless user interface

An application’s ease-of-use is undoubtedly a key feature for many individuals, especially those just starting out with automated marketing. Active Campaign is hailed by users as being an extremely easy to use software, with its user interface described as being very well designed and intuitive. Without the need of complex FAQs or manuals to dive right into its cool features, this software is practically a godsend for those wanting to master marketing activities and strategies (almost) overnight.

Email campaigns are a walk in the park

Remember building those complex email campaigns that used to take hours? Yeah well, with the software in question in place, this process has never been smoother or more enjoyable.

With Active Campaign, you can trigger autoresponders, send one-time emails, automate sophisticated drip campaigns, and so much more. Moreover, the software even allows you to manage and track your leads with greater ease and convenience than ever before. This includes categorising high performing and low performing leads, giving you the ability to tailor your approach to individual customers or groups of them, as you wish.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the smoothest it can be

From seamlessly merging all your contacts into one central location to providing a personalised approach to each of your leads, effective CRM becomes a part of everyday activity, in the blink of an eye. The software you to follow up with your clients, browse customer history and completely change the way you interact with your leads, without any increase in effort or hassle. This adds the so-called ‘human touch’ customers increasingly expect from businesses they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

More than just customer management, however, Active Campaign is also very useful to manage all aspect of the sales process as well.

Key Takeaways

While there’s no such thing as the perfect software, Active Campaign’s pros certainly outweigh any criticisms the software has garnered in the past. For beginners just starting out with automation, it can be a very useful tool to kickstart better marketing and sales activity. That said, it also holds appeal to bona fide marketing professionals through the use of its extensive pro features.

All in all, this is one investment you’re not likely to regret making.

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