Advertisements have always been the primary tools for marketers to push their products and messaging onto the market. With the growth and increasing sophistication of social media platforms and digital marketing tools however, the ad industry has advanced in light years since they were first used, centuries ago.

The primary purpose behind ads lie in lead generation, the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’ products or services. With this being one of the basic functions of any company, it’s clear that a range of strategies and tools are used by marketing professionals to maximise the leads they bring within their fold.

The article below will take a look at how this process works with the use of dynamic online tools, and how you can make these work to your advantage.

How has digital marketing transformed the ad industry?

Unlike conventional ads placed on newspapers and billboards, the most effective ads of the present day often feature highly targeted content, personalised to individual preferences and lifestyles. Concepts such as big data have allowed companies to examine the subtle and often unconscious preferences of consumers, giving marketers the tools they need to infiltrate the thinking patterns of their target audiences. Certain tools have helped major brands create engaging marketing content that has increased brand recall up to 4 times, 7x higher click-through rates and boosted conversion by 53%.

Additionally, the growth of online platforms has also meant that people have moved away from more traditional mediums of advertising such as newspapers. Given the switch to convenient online news sites and social media streams, Facebook and Google ads have burst in popularity and usage over the past few years, representing a major shift in activity for marketing specialists. With 1.86 billion active monthly active users on Facebook, any dynamic marketing firm will be quick to tell you that the most effective advertising can be done online, given the rapid growth of the online community. Social media sites abound with leads who can be effectively brought into your market with advertisements based on their unique purchase patterns and search history, data which is increasingly becoming more accessible to marketers.

How do you create successful advertisements?

What’s essential in this process and for high levels of conversion and success, ultimately lies in a sound understanding of your lead profiles. Studying demographic patterns, undertaking competitor analysis and frequent customer surveys are sure to point you in the right direction.

Data driven advertisements have become an industry norm, even for smaller operators in the market, allowing companies to fine-tune advertising so that it conveys a highly personal message to customers.

Promoting your promos and ads on Facebook and pay for search on Google require frequent investments, but doing so is sure to increase your reach and brand awareness in the market. With mobile ads constituting a mind-blowing 80% of Facebook revenue, marketing professionals ought to spend their time optimising their online advertisements to bring the most amount of traffic onto a company’s website and social media channels. One aspect of this is to always include a call-to-action (CTA) on your ads, increasing your click-through rate by around 2.85 times. Offers, promos and discounts are another sure fire way of pulling in your target audience.

However in doing so, ensure to target and optimise your ad to fit the customers you’re aiming for. Skipping on this and simply going overboard with offers is likely to yield limited success. Advertising new products, webinar registrations, signups for events are all perfect ways to increase your customer base and watch your leads roll in.

Key Takeaways

Advertisements will always remain a dominant marketing tool. However as times change and technology advances, the format and execution of ads will also change with the trends. Staying abreast of these is not just essential to increase conversion and sales, but also for the survival and success of the marketing industry as a whole. Knowing who your customers are and what they want, is the key to win at this game. We have the tools in place to help us, what’s left is to use these effectively and make them work to our advantage.

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