Google using AI isn’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been using AI to replace their manual processes for years, aiming to improve the performance of their client’s ads.

Think about Responsive Ads, Smart Bidding, and the endless improvements they’ve implemented on the platform for the simple purpose of knowing their target audience a little better. They’ve been able to use these algorithms and improvements to make sure that their ads are appearing in front of the right people at the right time and now they’re going a step further with their paid media.

Google recently announced that it’s introducing new tools that are yet again going to make improvements to their ads through constant learning and creativity led by AI. If you’re a business owner or a marketer that deals with an excess of paid media, then we’re betting that this sounds exciting, right?

Let’s take a closer look at what this could mean for your business and if it can really elevate how you use paid media.

Automatic ads creation

One of the biggest problems that marketers face is the constant need to come up with creative titles and descriptions to test out new ads. Not only is this a daunting task, but when you consider the velocity of the tests and creativity that needs to go into increasing your ad performance, it can be a near-impossible feat to achieve.

But fear not, Google’s got a solution that’s already increasing conversions at an average of 2% compared to the responsive ads we’re used to seeing pop up everywhere.

This feature gives businesses a better chance of combining titles and descriptions that work together. Plus, it’s also got a cool new feature that creates text options based on the ad, performance, keyword, content of your landing page, and more.

Customer acquisition

Google’s new AI-powered search ads are making quite a splash and they’re also thinking about improving the way businesses acquire new customers.

This feature helps you secure more customers more efficiently, allowing you to bid higher for new customers as opposed to your existing ones, or you can choose to bid exclusively on new customers.

The reason why this can be a real game-changer is because you’ll have the ability to build a much larger pipeline for your company, resulting in higher revenue, and a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Natural language conversations

Any marketer can attest to the fact that developing and executing campaigns can be overwhelming. Google is taking care of this problem with a natural language conversational experience that functions within Google Ads. The main purpose of this is to kickstart your campaigns and work with Google AI so that you can combine your expertise for a better experience.

Here’s what you have to do. Just select one of your business’s landing pages and once you add it Google AI will summarise the page. Once it’s done, it will generate headlines, descriptions, keywords, images, and a number of other assets for your campaign. 

You also have the option of making any changes to the Google AI suggestion before sending them out into the world. It’s as simple as asking one of your colleagues for ideas and gives your campaign a better chance of success.

Generative AI in Performance Max

If you’ve used Performance Max for your ad campaigns, then you already know that it has the power to drive growth for your business and the numbers prove it. Performance Max helps advertisers secure 18% more conversions than other platforms with a similar cost.

Google is introducing its generative AI capabilities to Performance Max to make it easier for you to generate and scale custom assets. All you have to do is provide Google AI with your website and it will start to familiarise itself with your brand and when it’s good and ready, it’ll fill your campaign with text and other assets.

Google AI can also suggest new images that’ll help you engage better with your customers.

AI-powered privacy

Trust in your brand is what keeps customers coming back for more instead of searching for greener pastures. This same trust is critical to making sure that your Google Ads are durable. This is why Google is introducing a privacy-first AI-powered solution.

With third-party cookies gradually being phased out of Chrome by 2024, Google is currently testing how best to safeguard your privacy so that you can keep reaching relevant customers and measuring your performance.

Guided by Google’s AI Principles, these products are designed to help businesses succeed.

What does all this mean for your business?

As is customary with any new feature that hits the internet, Google will make sure that they experiment and test all these features before they’re available to everyone—perhaps to no one’s surprise—since the implications it can have on businesses if any feature doesn’t deliver on its promise can disrupt campaigns.

From what we’ve seen, Google’s AI-powered search ads are ushering in a new phase for paid media that’s focused on generating better results and also giving their users a better experience.

From automating ad creation to increasing testing capabilities and delivering more personalised ads, Google is making all the right moves to change the game and transform how businesses advertise online.

As a company that specialises in digital marketing, paid media is a large part of what we do and with AI making a splash we’re hoping to see a lot of creative and effective campaigns that are going to put brands in front of customers. Plus, who doesn’t like a platform that does most of the work for you so that you simply have to sit back and reap the rewards?